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We are proud to introduce our yacht & ship agency service department. Our main goal is to fulfill the need of the industry for reliable information, advice and high standards of service. Due to the status of the Galapagos Islands as national protected areas, any yacht wishing to visit the archipelago must comply with the procedure and permits required by the Ecuadorian government & the Galapagos National Park administration. We will make sure you can cruise the Galapagos Islands onboard your own yacht with no difficulties, G.L.C. yacht services will arrange every detail of your cruise and make sure the logistics and all paper work is done correctly & effectively.
In order to visit the Galapagos Islands onboard your own yacht the procedure is as follow & it must be done at least 60 days prior intended arrival date.

  • - A local yacht agency service is required by ecuadorian law to ask and prepare all permits needed.
  • - Ecuadorian government cruising permit (allows yacht to enter national waters).
  • - Galapagos national park cruising permit for the protected areas (allows yacht to cruise within the galapagos national park protected areas).
  • - Payment of all navy, customs and the galapagos national park fees upon yacht's arrival.

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